Rely on talents and concerning on the innovation of technology, Dongyuan Electronics employs both foreign engineers and Chinese engineers. There are several AES members, state-level experts and city-level experts among 40 Chinese engineers. The company established and keeps long term cooperation relationship with many well-known universities in China. Among Dongyuan advisers there are Ph.D. supervisors, and these Ph.D. supervisors often give lectures to our R&D engineers. Dongyuan’s strong engineering team is famous in Chinese audio industry.


Dongyuan engineers began to adopt computer aid design and computer aid measurement technologies in their works as early as 1995. They use state-of-the-art design, testing and mathematics softwares in their projects. Among Dongyuan’s professional equipment, there are anechoic chamber, various signal generators (such as EIA-426A, EIA-426B, IEC268-5, IEEE219, JIS-C5531, DIN45573, pink noise, white noise, etc.) Audio Precision’s SYS2702, ATS-1, SWR-2122F, AUX-0025, and a whole set of environmental testing machines including constant temperature and humidity chamber, vibration testing machine, drop test machine, etc.


The profound understanding to electro-acoustic and the deeply comprehension of computer software are two wings of our R&D. Our know-how and know-what is the powerful guarantee for continuing the technical innovation. This is the very reason why we got so many praise from our customers.



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