The needs of business development, company is looking for the following professionals:

Electronic Engineer

1, electronic and related bachelor degree or above, with relevant work experience, has the certain projectmanagement skills and experience

2, familiar with the domestic audio electronics design and scheme, such as digital power amplifier, DSP

3, the digital switching power supply design experience

4, embedded software design experience is preferred

5, has the team cooperation spirit, good communication skills.

Electroacoustic Engineer

1, bachelor degree or above, have certain ability of project management

2, with the speaker, speakers and other related products, the actual development experience

3, has the good acoustics theory

4, electronic, audio products have a certain understanding is preferred;

Network promotion and sales.

1, positive and motivated, good communication skills, good team spirit and high sense of responsibility;

2, familiar with all kinds of network marketing, familiar with all kinds of network traffic source;

3, have good language skills and information editing ability, can write a variety of programs, copy;

4, electronic, audio products have a certain understanding;

5, experience of promotion network (electricity supplier marketing, micro channel operations, event planningexperience is preferred).

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