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  Since our inception in 1992, we at DongYuan Electronics have remained one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional loudspeakers. Manufacturing Flat panel/HD TV speakers, Car Audio products including coaxial and components, subwoofers and amplifiers, Multimedia speakers, PA units, Ceiling and Wall-mount speakers and more.
  We have high-tech production facilities, it measures in at over 500,000 squares feet, making it one of the most elaborate loudspeaker manufacturing facilities in China. Clearly, we are prepared to accommodate the many needs of our business partners.
  DongYuan’s annual production capability is approximately 50 million pieces (sets). With our outstanding packaging and detailed instruction manuals, our products have been welcomed by top manufacturers and distributors alike, bring the DongYuan name to millions of consumers worldwide.
  DongYuan Electronics is more than just a name, it is a "Commitment to excellence". With our expanding line of products, superior customer service and reliability, we are confident that you will agree that DongYuan is your premier choice for top-quality loudspeakers and more.

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