In November 26th, China electronic audio industry association of the ninth Council of the second meetingheld in Enping, guangdong.Chinese Hualu Group Co. Ltd., Shenzhen city science and Technology Commission Director Zhang Jianzhithree cultural Limited by Share Ltd chairman Wen Kejian, Guangdong and the sound development of limited company general manager Chou Xihong and standard life, Walker, TCL KONE, Hushan electric, GIEC electronics, five, three, Huizhou Ruifeng audio, ultrasound, engineering research center of Tsinghua University, optical memory national Shenzhen Dong Yuan, Shenzhen Baoye constant, Zhejiang Tianle,GoerTek, Guangzhou Feida, Panyu big member representatives attended the meeting. The Ministry of industry and information technology, electronic information division researcher Dr. King Zhou Haiyan inGuangdong Province and Enping City Department in charge of industry leaders to attend the meeting.Meeting presided over by association secretary general Chen Lixin. The council then considered and adopted the Secretary General Chen Lixin as the "China electronic audio industry association in 2014 work report", as well as the supplement and adjustment of the executive director of the unit's proposal and a number of issues.


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